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The OPUS VI “Front-End” Intake Solution

Intake SolutionsThe Opus Intake Solution is a comprehensive lead management and intake system for mass tort and high volume firms law firm that maximizes lead conversion and tracks potential clients until they are converted to clients and managed as cases.

By incorporating successful “Fortune 100” business-world practices like our unique “Six Sigma Intake Principals” and by using our proprietary improvement techniques and tools, we transform the intake process and create a “total quality” intake department.

Developed by renowned intake experts Jay Jackson and Dr. Michael McAleer, the OPUS solution begins with an assessment/analysis of current practices and protocols, development of customized Intake protocols and policies, and implementation of these procedures through a comprehensive plan and approach presented to the firm to improve conversion rates.


From there


- All levels of Intake Specialists are trained, coached and given guidance to improve initial intake and immediate follow-up.


- Hands-on participation by Dr. McAleer and OPUS team personally tailoring and overseeing the implementation of your new intake plan


- Complete tracking and reporting capabilities will be fully deployed and streamlined throughout the organization to provide a dashboard for evaluating marketing, intake and to properly steer the ship


“What makes this so unique in our approach is not just implementing new practices and getting great results, but changing and managing the whole system and culture of intake for a law firm. A transformation of the system, not just new techniques or quick fixes, must always be the primary goal. This ensures the results continue for years to come.”

The OPUS team knows that every Intake Department can be improved. Doing so delivers real ROI, often paying for itself 10 fold within the first 6 months. Recognizing the power of intake and its impact on ROI automatically places any law firm ahead the competition as the “winning” mass tort and high volume firms are continuously investing time and effort improving what they consider their “most-important” department.

And now, it’s easy. Together OPUS will work with you to set up a program to capture the most leads and get your intake department to the top of their game.


Likes to Leads

Facebook Legal MarketingOPUS has a proven track record of creating powerful solutions and has won numerous awards for our innovative campaigns and most importantly, generated millions of dollars for our clients. In the past year, OPUS has methodically advanced and productized its lead generation and intake services and solutions. Now, this year, the timing in the industry has never been better, and OPUS is preparing to roll out the goods.

OPUS has developed groundbreaking marketing and intake solutions that are both unique and process driven. Through our proprietary approach on Facebook, we can identify potential new clients (PNC’s) focusing in the unique niche and major mass tort markets. We can build attractive and compelling “social” properties, pages, ads and videos to motivate these PNC’s to respond, (via a call or Intake form) and become a “lead”. We can drive traffic and then engage them in a dialog through creating compelling messages and ads. We then follow through the lead generation process to complete the “connection” (securing and retaining the lead) with our proprietary intake processes, including advanced intake assessments and our new lead and intake management software.

It should be mentioned…

“Lead Generation Opportunities” can appear in an instant, and OPUS can be up and running in a few hours and packages can even be designed/set-up based on results and milestones.

We can even “further expand” BPB’s case acquisition capabilities through recruiting marketing groups and Tier 2 law firms “under” us as many good marketers and Tier 2 law firms are looking for an opportunity to “fit into” a system like the one we can perfect for you.

We know that leads are a commodity – and we will always be up against other marketing groups in a head to head cost per case analysis. We welcome and encourage statistical analytics on cost per lead, lead worth and overall value.


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